Wellington glamour photography

Wellington glamour photography

Glamour photography of Wellington

Getting the hottest boudoir and glamour photography in the Wellington area.

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Wellington Portraits

Wellington has some great portrait photographers. There are some lovely glamour and boudoir portfolios online, but try to choose a photographer that places an equal importance both on the overall experience and on producing photographic images of the very highest quality.

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Why Boudoir

There are so many reasons, from an empowering personal experience to creating a special gift for your man.

Wellington glamour photographyGlamour ideas before the wedding.

Have a great pre-wedding experience and give your man a gift that will blow his mind,
or bring in your girls for a hen’s glamour party that they will never forget!

Boudoir photography is an exciting way to express your sexy side!
Find a glamour photographer in your area and create some beautiful pictures for the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone.

The Process from Start to Finish.

Boudoir portrait.

Pre-shoot Makeover

Doing your own makeup is okay, just remember to apply make-up as if you are going out for the evening and not a general day at work. To feel slightly more pampered you can hire a stylist. A make-up artist is experienced as preparations for photo shoots and will work with you to change your look ready for the style of shoot.

The Photo shoot

The photographer will help you with posing and expressions and use lighting to make you look your very best.

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After shoot image processing.

The after shoot processing may include, editing the images. If you have any conceWellington portraitrned about the editing discuss this with your photographer.
The type of editing that may be done are:

  • cleaning up skin imperfections,
  • making teeth whiter or straightening teeth,
  • tidying up hair,
  • enhancements to body shape or making you look thiner.