Preparing for a glamour photo shoot

Preparing for a glamour photo shoot

Getting ready for a photo shoot

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Preparing for a glamour photo shoot

Type of pictures

You should also have a specific idea on the type of photographs you would like to be taken, such as simply being made to look as glamorous as possible, or if you want a sexier style of photograph. This is important, as there are some photographers who do not want to take sexy or provocative pictures, so that would be no point in turning up for the photo shoot only to be disappointed when a disagreement takes place. Discuss with the photographer what your photographs will be used for, such as commercial purposes if you would like, for instance, to become a model and need to create your own portfolio of photographs; or if they are simply to be creative to get pictures of yourself that are simply much better than any an amateur could take of you. Another important aspect to consider is that an assistant to the photographer will be in attendance, as you may need help in changing clothes; and the photographer generally stands behind his or her camera and directs an assistant to move the lights, the screens and any other props that may be used in the shoot.

The preparation

Glamour photo shootGlamour make-over, preparation for a glamour shoot For a few days before the photographic session, make sure that you drink lots of water and eat healthy food which will not bloat you, so that you look your absolute best on the day the pictures will be taken. Also, get lots of sleep so that you will not have any dark bags under your eyes and do some deep breathing exercises and possibly even do some yoga or stretching to get your body in peak condition. The night before the shoot, make a list of everything you will need to take with you, like make up for touch ups, possibly a hair dryer or curling tongs if it is windy outdoors and, of course, all the lingerie and clothes you will be wearing. Make sure that all tags have been removed from your clothing and that there are no stains or marks on them.

The photography sessionStudio glamour photography

Set out for the session in good time, so that you are not pressured for time. Remember that hairdressers and make up artists often run late, so you need to factor in this aspect so that you will still arrive at the photographer’s studio or the outdoor location in good time. Make sure that nothing stresses you out and that you are in a good mood when you get to the photographer, so that the entire session will be a fun experience and one that you will remember for many a long year.

Finally, if your photography is good, relax, he or she will know exactly how to get the best pictures.


Preparing for a glamour photo shoot. New Zealand glamour photography