Glamorous Hens and pre wedding glamour

Glamorous Hens and wedding glamour

Hens and wedding glamour

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Glamorous wedding and hens night photGlamorous hensoshoots, by glamour photographers Weddings today are big business and, as brides and grooms plan their special day, they have to take into consideration all the major expenses they will have to cover. These generally include the reception, the music at the reception, the catering and bar, cost of the retinue’s outfits, hiring or making the bride’s gown, the groom’s tuxedo or suit, the rings, the cake, decorations, gifts for the attendants and, of course, the photographer. As this is a once in a lifetime event in their lives, no expense is spared so that their wedding day is a joyful and wonderful experience.

Pre wedding photo shoots

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Glamorous pre wedding boudoir photoshoots, by glamour photographers
As the day of the ceremony draws near and all the expenses have been met, the time comes for the bachelor and hen parties, where both the bride and groom let their hair down, supposedly for the last time before they tie the marital knot, with the girlfriends of the bride and the best mates of the groom.


Hen parties, like bachelor parties, can be small, intimate affairs where the group goes out for a good meal and a few drinks with their closest friends. These parties can also be great big events, with trips out of town to fancy hotels with spas and the like, which last a few days or a long weekend.

Boudoir portrait

Something different

If all the ideas for hen parties for the bride seem a bit hackneyed, boring and have all been done before, why not try something new? Why not organize a pre wedding glamorous hens photo shoot for the bride, her retinue and best friends? This can be combined with a catered meal and a few drinks on the side, to ensure a festive and fun experience that is just that little bit different from the norm; and as a bonus, the bride will have some wonderful photographs to put into her wedding album.

Beautiful brides

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Every bride tries her utmost to be the most beautiful woman on her special day. Organising a glamorous hens party at a photographer’s studio will not only result in a great evening out for all concerned, but will give the bride and her retinue a chance to try out the hairstyles and makeup they would all like to wear on the big day. It is not difficult to arrange a pre wedding glamour photo shoot. All one needs to do is book the hairdresser and makeup artist, either find a caterer for a more upbeat evening, or order in Chinese takeaways or pizza for a more casual encounter. It would be a good idea to book the photographer who will be taking the photographs at the wedding ceremony and reception, so that he or she gets a feel of the personality of the bride and her retinue, in order to really capture the atmosphere of the actual ceremony and the less formal reception.

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If the idea of a hen party at a photographer’s studio is not to everyone’s taste, why not have the get together of the bride and her friends at her home, so that the most glamorous photographs can be taken in her boudoir. The word ‘boudoir’ is French and means a private bedroom, dressing room or sitting room. A boudoir photo shoot hen party could be staged in her bedroom with all her most prized possessions around her, like her fluffy toys which mean so much to her and special pictures on the walls which all point to important stages of her life. All the invited girlfriends could each bring a dish or a bottle, so there will be no shortage of good food to go with a few drinks or cocktails. Again, very little organisation will be required to hold this type of hen party.

Booking everything

Booking the photographer, hairdresser and makeup artist are basically all the requirements needed.
A super glamorous boudoir photo shoot could also be a little more risqué, with the bride and her girlfriends being photographed in more sexy poses and in less clothing, like gorgeous lingerie, for example. This may be just a little naughty but, in essence, that is just what a hen party (and a bachelor party for the boys) is meant to be. These parties are specifically designed for the bride and groom to let their hair down one last time as singles.
Boudoir pre-wedding hens glamour photoshoots, by glamour photographers Should cost cutting be the order of the day when it comes to organising the hen party because of the huge sums already spent by the bride and the expense of wedding presents and new outfits for the girlfriends, gorgeous and glamorous photographs can still be the focal point of any hen party.

Makeover experiementation

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The girls can experiment with new and different makeup looks on each other; and the same goes for hair styles. Almost everyone has a mobile phone with a camera imbedded in it; and the latest tablets often have two cameras, so everyone invited will be able to take some fabulous photographs of the participants. This way, a fun girly night will be had by all. The upside of taking photographs on a mobile phone or tablet is that it is easy to upload the pictures on to a computer where they can be stored and retrieved at will, or sent directly from the device to any of the very popular social networking sites, like Twitter or Facebook. This is a great way of including one’s nearest and dearest who may be too far away to attend the celebrations; and these people will then feel as if they are part of everything that is taking place leading up to, and including, the wedding.

The glamorous photographs of the bride, her retinue and close friends will be a reminder of the great time had by all; and proof that there are options available for a great hen party other than the usual ‘go out for a meal and too much to drink’ events. The bonus elicited from this kind of girlie get together is that the bride and her attendants will be able to see exactly what they will look like on the big day and make any necessary changes to their looks before heading for the church.

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