Choosing a glamour photographer in New Zealand.

Choosing a Glamour Photographer

Choosing a photographer


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When choosing a photographer start by considering what you want from the pictures and also the experience itself. Do you want extra pampering and a full make-over session or are you happy just to get great photos.

Who are the pictures for

Whether the pictures are just about you as a woman or are intended as a gift for a partner. A boudoir shoot can also be a compliment to a more traditional set of wedding pictures, although you may limit the audience for these pictures to your husband to be.

The Photographers

Once you are clear on what you want from your boudoir experience you are ready to start looking at what photographers are actually offering.

Studio 9 Photography Wellington’s Premier Glamour studio

All female studios are a fantastic option for those women who are uncomfortable working on boudoir imagery with a man behind the camera. However there are pros and cons and if the images are intended for your husband the final images may benefit from a man’s perspective on glamour. If you are fairly open minded on this my advice is to look through each photographer’s work and base your judgement primaririly on this.

Recommendations and consultations

The rClose-up glamour portraiteputation of a boudoir photographer is an important factor when making a selection. Once you have a short list see what you can find out about them. If you can’t find anything about the photographer on chat forums, websites and so on, you may want to organise a pre shoot coffee with the studio.


Testimonials, professional qualifications and membership of photography organisations

can provide a level of comfort when booking a photographer.

Glamour Photography Styles

The most important factor in choosing your photographer is whether you like their style of Choosing a glamour photographerphotography, so take some time to look at the portfolios of the shortlisted photographers.

If you love your photographer’s work and they stack up professionally, financially and offer the type of experience you are looking for, don’t put it off. Have courage and go for it, chances are you will love it.

Choosing a glamour photographer. New Zealand glamour portraits.