Glamour Photography Experience in New Zealand.

Glamour Photography

Glamour Photography

If you are looking for a special gift that is slightly different or want an original present for the person that has everything then a glamour photography experience may be just the answer.

Ladies glamour or boudoir photography is an increasingly popular trend, especially after programmes like “how to look good naked”. Whether its a gift from a lady to her special man or a gift from him for his lady to be enjoy the fantastic fun experience and feeling a million dollars.

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Glamour Photography

Glamour is the art of making you look beautiful above all else, Glamour photography sessions can be classical, sensual, sexy, burlesque or even conservative.

Modern glamour pictures are done with material drapes, with your back turned or lying on your front, so that even when you are completely naked you are not revealing anything you don’t want to.

Most women will think about completely nude sessions with some anxiety, so you can always do a photoshoot in lingerie and still get lovely sensual pictures. Your photographer will be able to show you sample pictures and guide you in how to look your best and get the photographs in the style you want.

If you feel too nervous before the photo shoot, why not take a friend along, however don’t be surprised that on leaving the studio you are on a “high” after the buzz and fun of the photo shoot.

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The make-over experience

A glamour portrait session can optionally include the full make-over experience and once the initial nerves are gone is normally great fun. The photo shoot can last up to 2 hours depending on the look you want to achieve and the number of pictures you require.

A growing trend is for brides-to-be to have a glamour shoot before the wedding. Bridal Boudoir Photography is a sensual portrait session for brides to give a unique and lasting present special present for her husband.

Boudoir Photography is fast becoming the most popular way in which ladies want to have there photo’s taken and we can provide you with a great bridal photographic shoot for a gift or just for yourself.

A glamour shoot or full makeover photo session is lots of fun to do, and the photographs will be enjoyed for years to come.

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